There is nothing simple about adoption. It is the most complex and beautiful thing that I have ever had the privilege of being associated with.
— Ashley Mitchell, Owner BTG + Birth Mother

I am partnering with Adoption Professionals around the country to help them create successful POST-PLACEMENT CARE for the Birth Mother through employee training, putting together monthly support groups and offering legit resources for women.


I am so glad that you have landed here!  I placed my son for adoption 10 years ago!  This journey post placement has truly been a decade of discovery.  Not only have I learned who I am but I have learned so much about others and what makes a very complex open adoption relationship tick.  For the first 5 years of this journey my adoption was bordering closed, I was in a very self destructive state and I almost lost everything including my own life.  Climbing out of hell, rebuilding my worth and learning to co-exist with this new identity "Birth Mother" is where Big Tough Girl™  all started.  I am NOT an adoption advocate but I do believe that if done well, healthy and healing open adoption relationships are possible!  I am here to help you walk that journey no matter what side of the triad you rest. 

Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable and life changing breakthrough!
— Ashley Mitchell, Big Tough Girl™

"Adoption is easy! - said no one ever!"

-I can help through the brokenness-


After the storm settles there will be emotions and situations come up that no one tells you about.  Jealousy, conflict with parenting, understanding roles in the child's life, boundaries, Birth Mother grief and MORE.

I am here to help navigate some of these really sensitive situations. 

I am working with families Hoping to Adopt in profile consulting, relationships with the expectant mother when they have been matched, navigating your time in the hospital and giving you tools and resources to navigate those crucial first years after placement.

I am working with Adoptive Parents that are looking to love their Birth Mothers well.  There can be so many questions about the Birth Mother that you don't have answers to.  I can help bring perspective, squash fear and move into a safe and healing space for all involved.  Whether you are concerned about an upcoming visit, questions on how to have the difficult conversations and more I am here to help create a plan of action.

I am working with Birth Mothers on how to find acceptance, to work through their grief and meeting them where they are to validate and support them through this new journey, new identity, new shift.  We work on worth and balance and boundaries.  We talk about rights, roles and responsibilities.

Let me sit down with you and have the hard conversations, lets role play together and talk about the things that are keeping your relationship from moving forward into a beautiful and healthy place for everyone involved.



60 Minutes || Recorded & MP3 || PDF of call notes + tips

Price:  $50.00

Sit. Get Comfy. Lets Chat.

-Could you use some clarity, direction, guidance, or just someone you can trust to bounce ideas off of?  I am here for you.  I am here to help talk you through it, sort it out, get perspective and help you make a plan of action.  I am here as an accountability partner, to keep you motivated and to help inspire your forward movement.  I am a listening ear and a safe place.  

I am already your biggest cheerleader!

{Within 24 hours of purchase I will email you personally to schedule our couch time!}

*CANCELLATION POLICY-No refunds are given.  In case of an issue after purchase, I am happy to reschedule our time together, or you are welcome to gift your time to another BTG.  No exceptions.  Thank you for understanding.


**DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website, videos, or through couch time sessions should not take the place of an attorney, licensed therapist, or accountant. I do not take take appointments with those that  are clinically depressed, struggling with disordered eating, substance addiction, or have other serious mental, emotional, or physical issues.  We give advice on this blog through  posts, through video, live events and during couch time but results may vary and we do not guarantee your outcome.

***I am  not a licensed  Life Coach.  All of our Couch Time Sessions are based off of the years of experience working with certified life coaches, therapists/counselors and many in the field.  I work personally with several life coaches and take monthly classes that are in alignment with what we are working to accomplish here at BTG.  I am a birth mom mentor  and work closely with the women of our community.


From an Adoptive Mother with two children from the same Birth Mother:

On January 8th, 2013, my husband and I learned that there was a young girl pregnant with a little boy who was looking to place her baby. Not hesitant for even a moment, we reached out to her.
Fast forward 2 years to the day. We are now sitting in our living room with 2 babies, 17.5 months apart.
To say the last 2 years have been a whirlwind, is an understatement. It has been the most joyous time of our lives. It has also been very emotional and very hard.

I believe learning to be parents has to be one of the most amazing yet stressful experiences. Being an adoptive parent - that is a whole other playing field.
You have another person involved, sometimes 2, sometimes an entire family. Emotions, feelings & personalities - that all need to find a way to work together.
That all need to see the bigger picture -the child, or in our case - children.
The first year, was full of ups and downs in the relationship with our birth mother. The second year brought even more. To the point that it was unhealthy and borderline destructive.

Enter Big Tough Girl - Ashley Mitchell. AKA - the adoptive mom guardian angel.
She literally saved the relationship I have with my birth mother. A relationship that must remain strong and healthy for all involved but most importantly the child. After countless emails/conversations, Ashley was able to help me see why our relationship was failing and what needed to be done to repair it.
She showed me what I could work on and how I could make things better.
I honestly don't know what I would have done without her guidance, love and support.
The relationship with our birthmother is one of the most important relationships our life.
She made us parents. Twice! 
We feel very strongly that an Open Adoption is vital to the success of raising our children. Making sure that relationship is healthy is equally as important.
I highly encourage any adoptive parents, especially adoptive mothers to reach out to Ashley.
She can help you have a perspective you need, that of our precious birth mothers.
Thank you Ashley. Truly and most sincerely - Thank You.

For me it wasn’t about what I couldn’t do, that list was endless...for me it was about what they ( the adopting family ) were willing to do. They made great sacrifices and have been greatly blessed. I am in awe daily at the hearts of the families that adopt. That not only are they willing to take on all of the amazing and beautiful blessings of raising a child but also all of the extremely trying and hard things that come with that, things that I never truly understood until I became a full time mother to our children. No matter our relationship, no matter what they decide....they were willing to sacrifice everything for a child when I was not.
— Ashley Mitchell, Birth Mother

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