There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

Over the years there has been one thing that undeniably has played a role in my own personal healing and that has been the story of others.  Those amazing women that have been tough enough to be open and honest and real and raw and have shared their pain and loss and struggle and survival.  I have poured over the life stories of others, have learned great lessons and have adjusted and applied these things to my own life.  

I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the stories of others.  

Ashley Mitchell, BTG Owner

We are here to celebrate the stories of the world and the women that hold them!  Don't you think it is about time?

My name is _______________________________________________ and I am a Big Tough Girl™

Our Day Together

  • A peaceful night stay at The Holiday Inn Express in the lovely town of Springville, Utah
  • Welcome goodies and surprises will be waiting in your room! 
  • If you are out of state {Utah} you will have air travel, a hotel and transportation arranged.
  • Ashley Mitchell, BTG Owner will meet you in the lobby to drive you around for the entire day.
  • This includes:
  • Shopping to buy a new outfit for your photo-shoot.
  • Professional hair and make-up appointment
  • Photo studio for a personal shoot to capture just YOU and all your awesome!
  • A beautiful, soul-filled art studio which is the perfect setting to share your story.
  • Food brought in and you will be able to eat and enjoy the peace of our surroundings.
  • Filmed for a short testimony of why you are a Big Tough Girl™.
  • You will be returned to the hotel to retrieve your vehicle or to your final destination.


What happens after?

  • You will be assigned a month of the year to be celebrated...that is right!  An entire month of YOU!
  • You will receive a thank you box full of BTG swag and gifts to show our appreciation for you!
  • You will receive your disk full of all of your beautiful pictures from your photo-shoot
  • You will be featured on our Big Tough Girl™ Project blog- our favorite image, your story and interview.
  • Your short video of your testimony will be shared.
  • You will be loved, honored and celebrated for being so brave, so beautiful and so inspiring to women around the world.


Meet the Women of #TheBigToughGirlProject



" One thing that I learned after doing the Big Tough Girl Project is that it is ok to grieve in your own time and way. There is not a time table of how you should act and when you should stop being sad. Some days I will be happy and others I can’t even get up off the floor. It doesn't hurt as much as time goes on but still some days are better than others. No one else can tell me to move on and let it go... After meeting Ashley I still have trouble talking about what happened but I find that it helps to have a sense of community with other women that have lost. I am really excited to see the other women stand up to tell their stories. This is an amazing Project to get women talking about issues that the rest of the world does not want to look at or talk about. I feel honored that I could be a part of it and tell my story about my daughter Ava. My name is Paige and I’m a Big Tough Girl™ "  

Paige Sidwell, UTAH  


After our day together we will be sending you a THANK YOU BOX to continue to show our love and appreciation for you.  You will receive some BTG goods, an inspiring book from Brave Girls Club, your disk of all your photos and more!

*items in the box are subject to change


Name *

Share your own story or the story of a woman that inspires you.  

Submit your story by mail:

Big Tough Girl

1091 West 200 South

Springville, Utah 84663

*Submission of story does NOT guarantee a spot in this project.  We read every story that comes in.  If your story has been chosen you will be contacted by one of our team members with official details and requirements of this project.  






Q:  How Do I Get Chosen?

A:  All you need to do is submit your story using the form above or mailing it to the above listed address.  We read EVERY story that comes in.  We receive hundreds of stories so please be patient with us.  IF you are chosen you will be contacted by our office with information regarding the project, dates available, release forms and more.  Feel free to submit your story as often as you would like.  Submission is not a guarantee of a spot for this project.  

Q:  What If I Don't Live In Utah?

A:  We want you to submit your story anyway!  There are a lot of amazing women that live in Utah, but we know that there are amazing women that live everywhere and we don't want to put a limit on the celebration.  If you are chosen and you live out of state we will work with you to arrange all of your travel, transportation and lodging.  We will be honored to host you for the weekend.  

Q:  Is This Really Free To Me?

A:  YES!  Outside of any additional food that you need while you are here and any additional days outside of our allotted time together we will pay for everything.

Q:  What If Something Comes Up And I Have To Cancel?  Can We Reschedule?

A:  Unfortunately if you can not make your allotted time that is scheduled we will not be able to reschedule you.  We make our appointments and sessions ahead of time and money is paid in advance for many of the events that take place during the day. Your story will not be shared and we will have to give your slot to another woman.