A Shimmer of Sunshine

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Sunshine!  She is one of our BTG Columnists here and I know that you will love her as much as I do.  I met Sunshine through BIB. A Birth Mom Community in November of 2012.  She has been my soul sister ever since.  She has an amazing story to tell, great life lessons to share and enough sunshine to light up the world!  We are truly blessed to have her with us.  xo, Ashley Mitchell

My heart is overflowing with excitement & smiles are off the charts right now as I think about this new journey we are embarking on together. Are you excited, BTGs? Cause I’m super stoked!

First, I’d like to introduce y’all to myself with some fun factyness:

  •   I have a multitude of nicknames, but y’all can call me Sunshine
  •   Sing-along-car-dance-karaoke enthusiast, my commutes are awesome
  •  Connoisseur of grilled cheese sandwiches
  •  Have an almost 10 year old furbaby kitty child, Bella Boo
  •  #TBT & #FFF are what I look forward to every week on Instagram*
  • Traveled to 42 state, been out of the country 10 times to 6 countries
  •  Ballerina for 12 years
  •  Lived in 5 states (CA>CO>GA>AL>FL>CA)
  •  Two younger brothers ~ 9½  & 11½  years younger than me
  •  My favorite colors are cobalt & turquoise but I also love a good coral
  •  If I could remember everything the way I do song lyrics, I’d be golden
  •  I love to come up with nicknames for people when I meet them
  •  I could live on salami, cheese, lobster, crème brulee & cheesecake
  •  Instead, I live on the buck & under menu & iced tea at Del Taco
  • Sometimes I crave veggies, mainly peas & broccoli
  •  I make a mean homemade pesto over salmon with pasta
  •  & homemade taco shells
  •  I’m making myself hungry writing this, but then again, I’m always hungry 
  •  Board games, card games, improv, trivia, costumes, silliness, count.me.in.
  •  I randomly break out into song & dance throughout my day
  •  Life is a musical in my head & everyone knows the choreography
  •  I call the love of my life my Unicorn**

*ThrowBackThursday & FunnyFaceFriday

**If you happen to meet or know this elusive, mythical beast of magnificence, please tell him where to find me 

I also want to share just a few things I’ve learned over the years to be true:

  • Blood may be thicker than water but water is a necessity of life & friends can very easily become family.
  • I create my own happiness.  It is no one’s responsibility to make me happy as happiness is a daily choice one has to choose for themselves. Others may contribute to my happiness, yes, or even try to deter it, for sure, but they should not be in charge or in control of my individual, personal happiness.
  • Worrying about things you can’t control is like washing your car when it’s raining: it’s pointless & a bit silly
  • Life is easier met with a smile on your face. Even if your heart is sad, smiling causes a chain reaction & when you smile through your hurt or hard circumstances, or are able to find the slightest sliver of humor, it automatically makes you feel even the tiniest bit better. It’s contagious.
  • There will always be naysayers in life, regardless of how positive or happy or optimistic we can try to be, people will always want to snuff out your sunshine. Don’t give them the power! They can only stifle you if you allow them to. Let your light SHINE BRIGHT!

I have many, many more, but we’ll start with those 

Lastly, I want to share with y’all some of the things I believe makes me a Big Tough Girl. These are a little deeper, with more grit & edge, but they are some of what have made me into the BTG I am today:

  • I am a deep feeler: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve & am super honest about who I am
  • I am an acquaintance rape survivor
  • I have been to 3 Universities & 2 Community Colleges but credit most of my education to life experiences
  • I am a family creator; birthmama to 2 incredible kids that got adopted by the same couple 19 months apart (they are now 11 & almost 13)
  • I am an emotional & verbal abuse relationships overcomer
  • I go weekly to a therapist to continually work on bettering & understanding myself
  • I write & create & feel & dream & communicate
  • I love with my whole heart
  • I offer tough love without judgment or conditions
  • I make myself available for others
  • I strive to work hard on my relationships, people mean a lot to me
  • I believe sharing my story can give a voice to others to share theirs
  • I create community wherever I go, I have never met a stranger
  • I show up for my life with moxie, sassiness, truth & faith
  • I seek out others who want to do life together
  • I am the only ME there will ever be <3

I am SO glad to be on this path with y’all! I look forward to sharing myself & my story & my life with all of you & thank you in advance for all of your support, not only for me, but for all the BIG TOUGH GIRLS out there who have come, are here now & will join us in the future. Let’s do this!

Follow Sunshine here:

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IG, FB, Twitter – @sunshinebottle