I’ve always loved the concept of a ‘New Year’ of life; thinking about each day of that New Year being untainted, untouched, full of possibility, a chance to be better, to do more, to hope for the future, to do the next right thing, & to truly lean into continuing more & more to become who I am meant to be.

It also never fails to remind me of one of my favorite lines from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery that I read/watched when I was growing up, “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” I love that thought! It gives so much hope, even if you’re having a super off day, that tomorrow…oh, tomorrow…you can always start fresh!

Since I found BTG, at the end of 2012, I’ve joined in the tradition of choosing a word for the year. I don’t know about y’all but I am bad at resolutions! I used to make them growing up but then I’d be over it within months, sometimes weeks or even days, & then I’d always feel bad for not following through & would instead end up starting my new year berating myself for not being disciplined enough or focused enough or whatever enough. Deciding to do the one word of the year three January 1sts ago was a true sigh of relief for this resolution challenged Sunshine

Last year, I chose the word patience. What I didn't really realize in choosing that word is that when you ask for patience, you don't get patience. At all. Not even remotely! No, you get situations in which you have to deliberately choose to be patient! I learned more patience in this past year than I have probably learned in my entire 33 years thus far.

Many things were put on hold, paused, taken off the table, rejected, let go of, & forced me to choose to be patient with circumstances, with people, with specific situations, in this last year's season of my life for 2014.

This year, I thought much, probably too much, about my word, starting a week before the 1st, tossing many back & forth. So many things came to mind but none that spoke to my soul & clicked in my heart. It didn't actually come to me until the 4th…& then, all of a sudden, there it was, clear as day:

My word for the year is OPEN. Open heart, open mind, open eyes, open hands. Open to love & friendships & soul house cleaning. Open to my destiny, to discovering my true purpose. Open to pursuing my passions passionately. Open to laughter & tears, healing & progressing, moving forward & reflecting deep. Open to life, whatever that looks like, & open to whatever it is coming for me this year: my openness cannot be contained!! & as scary as it may be, I’m ready to add or subtract or multiply or divide (even though I’m horrible at math, leaps of faith in openness mean even being open to math’ing my life!) whatever is needed this year to allow, knowing now that I truly deserve, am worthy of, & am plenty enough for so much good to come in. But to also be able to take any bad gracefully, knowing that you can’t have one without the other, & being open to all of the learning & growing & stretching that can come from both if I will only allow myself to remain open to all of the possibilities in store from all sides, levels, facets, peaks, & valleys.

This is my, your, OUR year for the taking!!

What about you, what would yours be? What is one word, one idea, one concept that you want to strive to intently meditate on, marinate in, & masterfully meet head on this year? I encourage all of you to seize this new year of opportunity for all that it can be! I look forward to sharing my life with y’all this year, hearing your stories, & sharing in your lives: there are some amazing things in store!!

Sending light, love, sunshine, & smiles to all of you BTG’s in this New Year’s Journey! It makes my heart so happy that we are all in this thing together <3 

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