Our next class starts June 11th, 2018!  




I have been teaching this course in small private support groups, on stage for women's events and on the sold-out BTG™ Soul Cruise, and now I am bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home.  I have talked with psychology  groups, shared this in mastermind classes and online summits and it has been shared as

one of the most brilliant and simple tools that our clients can actually remember AND implement into their daily life

It is quickly becoming a GO-TO!

For quick and simple results women are using this tool as they battle the daily struggle of life.


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I want to make sure you have a clear overview of what you will be receiving during our 2 weeks together!  

Within 24 hours of our workshop start date you will receive a link to join our FB Group where you will be taking the class, joined with other women from all over the country.

The next 12 days will follow this curriculum: 

DAY 1:  The Pointer Finger:  Own Your Shit


- transitioning out of the "blame game".  During DAY ONE we will discuss the power of transitioning out of a place of victim hood, regaining your power in the choices that you make for your own life and owning your shit in your journey.  

It is time that we point the finger at ourselves and take responsibility for OUR OWN life.

DAY 2:  The Middle Finger:  Get Back to the Business of Your Own Business


- getting back to the business of your own business.  During DAY TWO we will discuss the importance of shifting focus back to YOU and not others around you.  We will talk about the traps of getting caught in comparison, jealousy and judgement. 

It is time that we flip everyone else off and live the life that WE want without apology or fear.

DAY 3:  The Ring Finger: Commit to Yourself


- understanding the value of YOU and learning that you are worth investing in you.  During DAY THREE we will discuss the importance of self-care, why you are worth investing time, energy and money into and how to do it guilt-free.

It is time to admit that you have needs and that if you are not YOUR best self you will not be good for anyone!

DAY 4: The Pinky Finger:  The Strongest Women know their Weakness


-diving into boundaries!  During DAY FOUR we will discuss the great value in knowing yourself so well that you not only embrace your strengths but learn to love and respect your weakness.  We will also discuss the importance of your tribe and the power in true community support.  We walk you through ways to set healthy boundaries and put the proper people in their proper place that will help YOU best the best you can be!

It is time that we accept ALL parts of us, even the weakest parts of us...that is what makes us truly strong.

DAY 5:  The Thumb:  Stick it out and Keep Moving Forward


-understanding that we cannot stay where we are.  During DAY FIVE we will discuss change and how it is the one consistent thing in our life.  We will learn tools to keep moving forward in our life, to look back only for reflection and to celebrate not where we came from but where we are going!

It is time that we stop standing by the burning car on the side of the road, lets laugh at the puff of smoke behind us instead.




My husband and I were sitting in bed one night while I was preparing for an upcoming speaking event.  We were talking about women and the greatest blocks that I have witnessed over the years.  

I have taken many classes, I have several life coaches and I have DONE THE WORK for myself.  

During all of this I wanted to remind the women that followed me that I WAS JUST LIKE THEM!  

I have been blessed with amazing opportunities to share my story nationally through speaking events, writing, interviews, TV segments, award winning service and more.  

But none of this came to me because of a degree or professional training and certifications.  

It came from a place of deep and vulnerable realness that women could relate to. 

I know how busy life is, I know what it is like to be a slave to the grind, to be drowning in silence, to put the needs of everyone in our life first.  I know what it was like to be an average wife, mother, friend, neighbor, member of my community.  

I wanted to create VALUABLE tools that would be not only be applicable to women but something SIMPLE to remember.  Something that they could refer to DAILY and something that they would never forget..

So, with the help of my husband we created the BTG™ FIVE.

Five blocks that we see in women over and over, 5 reminders of what we should be doing and 5 tools to make the changes necessary to live life as a Big Tough Girl™


Class tuition: only $29.00