My vision for BTG Nation is to connect other like women who are passionate about their life, that love to be challenged and that love to learn more about how they can live the Big Tough Girl way of life!  

I want to surround myself with women that KNOW that there is great freedom that comes in living and speaking THEIR truth, women that support, love and lift others and that are willing to invest and DO THE WORK!  

I want this space to be for women like that...women LIKE YOU! 

I don't want this to be just a place for me to talk and teach and inspire.  I WANT to listen and learn and BE inspired.  I know that you can do that for me!  I want to build up a nation of amazing, tough women that is firmly planted in truth, authenticity, safety and love!  

I am SO glad that you have found yourself here and that you are willing to take these exciting next steps with me...steps to changing not just who we are as women but how the world should be TO AND FOR WOMEN.   


ONLY women that have taken the BTG FIVE Workshop are given access to this group so YOU know that the women that are here are committed just like you to be better, to do better and to want MORE for their life.  

What will you get with your monthly subscription?  

  • Full access to our FB Nation 
  • FB LIVE videos with me and others weekly
  • Daily inspiration, challenges and activities
  • In person groups held nation wide JUST FOR THIS COMMUNITY!  
  • Access to exclusive BTG material
  • Exclusive discounts to all existing and new products + events
  • A true sense of belonging and support!

After you complete your payment you will be redirected to our JOIN page that will include a FB link to the BTG Nation.  Within 48 hours your request will be approved and you will gain access to the nation, to the content and to me and my team for as long as your subscription stays active.  

*You may cancel your subscription at any time!  Once payment is cancelled you will be removed from the FB group.  To regain access to the BTG Nation you will just simply have to retake the BTG FIVE Workshop and then get your official invite to carry over to this group.  

!! THESE ARE PRIVATE LINKS!   PLEASE DO NOT SHARE WITH OTHERS!  If you want to encourage friends to join please send them to our BTG FIVE Workshop.  That is where they need to start !! 


See you soon,


AMOUNT: $5.00 

Recurs monthly starting immediately