Have you ever gotten a piece of mail that was just so uplifting you couldn't handle it?  One that put a smile on your face for days to come?  

That's exactly how I felt the day that my Faithbox arrived.  The box alone was super exciting to me!

(Let's be real, I was SO excited when I got the e-mail that I had been selected by Family Christian to do a review on this product that I may have squealed out loud in my office.  Super professional, right?)


As soon as I got upstairs I had to find a scissor to open it IMMEDIATELY!  

And when I did, it was filled with so much joy that I could hardly contain it.  


I mean, how adorable is that scarf!?!?!  And the leather bracelet?  The beverage mix they included was absolutely delicious.  

But the best part?  That was the devotionals they included.  Every box has one and it's a huge blessing.  I truly believe it can be used with those who have been believers for a short time or those, like me, who may have become believers long ago.

Though I was selected to review this product by Family Christian, it is definately one that I will be purchasing in the future.  I'm excited to buy it as gifts for the holidays coming up.  

Want more information on how to get your Faithbox, at a super reasonable price?  Check out:

This would be a super holiday gift for a loved one!  

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