God's Got A Plan

This much is true.

Recently I’ve started attending a new church and it has really been a great experience.  I have always believed that while “being” a Christian is great and knowing that I asked Christ into my heart as a child solidified that part of my life, that there still was this grand mystery around Christianity.  I have always felt like it was something that was unexplained and unattainable.  I can easily look people in the eye and tell them, and mean it, that it doesn’t have to be difficult or complex but I always wrestled with if that was true in my own life or if it was actually something complex and big that I just didn’t have the capacity to fully comprehend.

The past few sermons at this new church have been themed around how being a believer is actually simple.  There are truly three parts to this whole thing that is so mind blowing.  The three areas are: follow, believe, obey.

Christ called the disciples to follow Him.  They were, at times, people that were hated in society that were called to follow.  When Christ called them, the people called were, at times, shocked to be called.  This tells me that it is a simple invitation for all.  If even the most hated in society are called, aren’t we all!?!?!

(Honest moment here:  I wasn’t there last week to hear the believe message.  I will be listening to it this week and will update you all after hearing it!)

We are also encouraged to obey.  Christ never said it would be easy. Many people can get through the following and believing part but when it comes to obeying, they jump off the wagon.  Part of obeying means doing it even when things are difficult.  It’s all about building your foundation on solid ground.  A great point was made: it’s difficult to build up your foundation in the midst of a storm.

I don’t know what you, the reader of this post, are going through in your life currently.  What I do know, however, is that this too shall pass.  It is worth it to continue to strengthen your foundation and build a positive, supportive group of people around you who will help you build that foundation rather than tear it down.

Keep fighting friends.  It is worth it!