Laundry...Life...and Other Things attempt at being philosophical is about to happen!

So here I sit, late on a Monday night, waiting for my clothes to come out of the dryer so I can go to bed for the night.  It hit me that laundry is much like life.  We attempt to only wear what is clean, unsoiled and "presentable."  We try to make sure it is in style, updated, and looks good.  We attempt to keep it smelling good, free from holes and tears and without spots or stains.

We do this with life.  We try to show a side of our life that looks well put together.  There can't be any signs of things falling apart, no areas of blemish or spots we're not proud of.  We think we need to make sure that we have the most up to date, well polished life we can.

And then reality sets in.  We get spots on our clothes that simply won't wash out anymore.  Kind of like our lives.  There are things that we simply can not hide or get rid of any longer.  There are times when the holes become too big to fight with anymore.  There are times when the smell is simply impossible to dull.  And in these times, it's easy to fall into shame and guilt.  We may try even harder.  We may wash things over and over, hoping for a different result.  Yet, when it comes out of the washer, the stain/hole/tear is still there.  And the harder we try with somethings, the worse the stain/hole/tear may get.  This is the same in life.  We may try to hide things deeper, deny reality, not let our cracks show...and the harder we try, the more evident these things are when they come out.

It's also similar in that we have to wait, for what seems like forever, for the washer to finish washing and the dryer to finish drying.  Our life is much the same.  We can't expect things to come clean or be fixed in an instant.  Life takes time to be fixed, if it ever can be.  And then there are the situations that can't be fixed.  When it comes to clothes, sometimes we have to re-purpose them or throw them away.  And life is much the same.  At times we have to look at things in a new way or deal with the curve balls that are thrown our way. And then there are the times that we have to choose to simply walk away from the situation and do something totally new and different.

These situations aren't always easy.  But sometimes they are necessary.