Times Aren't Always Beautiful

It's time to be totally transparent with the world.  It's time to quit saying that everything is fine when, in fact, it may be anything but fine. It's time to admit that life isn't perfect.  It's time to show the cracks.  It's time to hold the mirror way to close for comfort and let the world see the reflection.  It's time!

These are things that have been on my heart and mind a lot lately.  Life is busy and crazy and hard to explain.  We all have society to answer to.  We don't want people to see the "real us" because of the fear of what they'll think.  We fear the response we'll get...or lack of response...from those around us.

When can we end this madness?  When did society become what we care about?  It hit me recently that the society that we try so hard to impress is simply doing the exact same thing.  At what point does one person become the one who gets to judge all?  There isn't such a point.  Yet we all walk around the world trying to be all and do all to impress all for fear of what all may think.

I will admit that I am the first to feel the need to impress society.  But this is something that I have decided it's time to be conscious of and start working on.  Yeah...that's all I got for now.