Quit Rushing Through Life

For this past month, we have had to true joy of my ten year old niece being with us in Minnesota.  It's so fun to have her here for an extended amount of time.  I was able to spend more time with her this visit that I typically have in the past which was so fun.  The older she gets, that more fun we can have together.  I spent this past weekend with just her and I hanging out while my folks were at a wedding and it was fun to have a girls weekend, just the two of us.  We went to a movie, went to a craft store, taught her how to knit, ate junk food, and just had a ton of fun.  

Were there other things I could/should have been doing?  YES.  Did I think about these things while she was here?  YES.  

Was it worth ignoring those things and just spending time with her?  YES!!!!!

I realized this week that I have done nothing all summer but go go go and I am TIRED!  I've enjoyed everything I've done but they have exhausted me.  

It made me realize, while in the slowness of the weekend, that it's okay to take the time to slow down and enjoy the time with those who I only have limited time with.