It's Time To Take Responsibility

A friend and I were talking recently…okay I feel like I say that a lot!  But, for real, ,we were talking recently and had a great chat about some pretty deep things.  We talk pretty frequently and when we talk, we really talk through life issues and the things that are tough to deal with.  We seem to get into discussions that end up lasting hours and we end up processing through each others’ struggles in life.

As we were processing through some recent events that have taken place in our lives recently and in our pasts, she shared a great bit of insight!

“You have to set aside your insecurities to find healing!”

As women, we tend to be insecure and struggle with finding our own worth and value.  We struggle with letting others see our emotions and the things we don’t think are “perfect” in our lives.  We have a hard time letting go of our high school drama and moving past it and being willing to be our authentic selves.  We really have a hard time letting go of those things in our lives that we find to be “wrong” with ourselves.

It’s time to be honest and real!  If you don’t let it out, it eats you up from the inside, out.  It will not get any better no matter how hard we try if we aren’t willing to let it out.  There is a concept that I talk about often and that is the idea of “word vomit”.  I think it’s important to sometimes to just let the words flow.  (I’ll be honest, that’s part of what I utilize this blog for)  It’s time we learn to be comfortable being our real, authentic selves with others.