When Enough IS Enough

Have you ever had that feeling in life where you just feel like it’s time to say enough is enough to a situation, moment, issue or relationship?  Have you ever felt that you simply can’t move forward because of the situation you’re in?

I have spent the past month really pondering how to live a life where I don’t have to say those things.  Where I don’t have to get fed up and frustrated and lose it.

And then I figured out the answer.

Want to know what it is?  Any guesses?


I have learned, sadly the hard way, the importance of boundaries.  And I want to dispel a myth!  Boundaries are not selfish, mean, against anyone/thing or dangerous.

Boundaries have a place in everyone’s lives and it’s time we all understand that!

So, my challenge to you, today, is to set one new boundary.  And tell me how it goes!