When Life Seems Too Busy To Function

I've recently walked out of what I consider to be my "busy season" of life.  I found myself, for the month of August and early September, working more hours than usual, disconnecting from people I love due to the craziness, and flat out sucking at the thing that I preach to those around me.  

So, I sit here today, and ask you this: what do YOU do for YOU when life gets crazy and seems that there is not even a moment to sit down and breathe?  

I read a post on social media lately about the glorification of busy and it really got me to thinking.  We, as a society, in my opinion, almost compete with each other to prove that I am busier than you.  Being busy is something we need to stop being proud of and start looking at why we are really doing what we are doing.  It's time to realize that EVERYONE is busy, tired, and never has enough time.  

As Melissa Ramos said in the Huffington Post: "So stop the glorification of busy. Get up an hour early if you have to, make lists for yourself, reorganize, meditate for even five minutes a day and set aside a selfie day for you. In other words, take life by the (lady) balls." Read the full post here.



So, it's great to come down on those around us for being busy.  Or to even talk about how we hate being so busy.  But what do we do to fix it?  

Rikki Rogers gave some great times in the form of 4 steps: (Read the full article here)

  1. Stop talking about being busy.
  2. Stop multi-tasking during leisure time.
  3. Rethink your definition of self-care.
  4. Outsource and delegate more than you think you should.

So I ask, are you a drug addict?  

I sure as heck hope you said no.  So stop acting like one then!  Quit this whole glorification of busy.  

We're all busy.  Let's quit competing!