It's Not Over Until It's Over

So for those of you that watched the Superbowl on Sunday evening, you know that the statement "It's Not Over Until It's Over" rings more true than ever.  

I actually only caught the halftime performance, the last few minutes of regulation play and overtime.  Just being honest here.

Anyway, ever since seeing that ending, I realized that this statement is more true in life situations than many would like to admit.  

We've all been faced with situations in life that were challenging.  We've all been through things in life that have scared the literal poo out of us.  We've all been through things that make us want to dig a hole, crawl in, and never come back out.

But what's this really mean?  The fact that you're reading this means that you've made it through those times.  It means that you've lived.  It means that you've come out on the other side.  It means that you've made an incredible come back.  It means that the world may have thought it was over for you, heck YOU may have thought it was over for you, but it wasn't.  

NOW is your chance.  NOW is you time to come back from a debilitating score.  NOW is your time to show everyone around you that you've got the strength.  NOW is the time to show what God has done in your life and brought you through.  NOW is the time to put on your big girl panties.  NOW is the time to share your story and let others hear what you've been through in order to help them crawl out of their pits.  


I want to challenge you, right here, right now, to look back.  To look at the mess you've seen in life and been through in life.  And when you look at that mess, see where you've been blessed and helped through these things.