World Adoption Day.

Today is the FIRST EVER World Adoption Day.  

We wanted to share with you a custom piece that I co-designed with Stephanie Chavez Designs for Ms. Katherine Heigl.  

In 2009 Ms. Heigl and her husband Mr. Josh Kelley adopted their first daughter, Naleigh from South Korea. 

My sister Meg is Korean, and my parents adopted her three years before I was born. I wanted my own family to resemble the one I came from, so I always knew I wanted to adopt from Korea.
— Ms. Katherine Heigl
this picture was taken shortly after the couple returned from Korea with their daughter.

As a fellow Utahn, I reached out to Ms. Heigl and her husband to celebrate adoption.  I was so honored to design this necklace for her.  The necklace was inspired by a song that was written and performed by husband Josh Kelley titled Naleigh Moon.  

The necklace is made of sterling silver.  The hearts are hand stamped with the initial of both of their children (Adalaide was added to their family through a domestic adoption when Naleigh was 3 1/2) The words LOVE and MOTHER are stamped on the other hanging tags with the Korean spelling for each of those words on the opposite side.  It includes their birth stones and  the moon of course is for the heart of this song and this adoptive family.  

I am always inspired by any and all adoptive families.  

I am so excited about the progress that is being made in the world of adoption.  The community is growing, the education is being shared, men and women are using their voice.

There is so much more work to be done but I am honored to be a very small part of it. 

Congrats to those that have been blessed with a child through adoption.  

They’re yours. You love them the moment they’re put into your arms.
— Ms. Katherine Heigl


xo, Ashley Mitchell