Welcome to Big Tough Girl™.  

A Big Tough Girl™ is any WOMAN that can and will maintain the ability to endure, to carry on, to push through without weakening or perishing. SHE is able to go on in the face of pain, loss, discouragement or suffering without being defeated.  SHE will continue to move forward without regret, in healing and happiness.  SHE has the ability to stand firm in her life, move past her greatest fears, and live an inspired life that shines a positive light for the world to see.  

-Ashley Mitchell, Owner BTG

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Come out from behind those devices and meet up with us for a Big Tough Girl™ Night Out.  Includes dinner, tons of swag, drawings, a mini workshop from Owner, Ashley Mitchell and more!

Owner, Ashley Mitchell speaks to audiences about what it takes to because a Big Tough Girl™.  She speaks about finding acceptance, learning to 'own your story', redemption and standing firm in your foundation of love and healing.