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Dear Friend,

I hope that you have had to opportunity to be blessed by a random act of kindness in your life.  I know that I have.  I have collected and saved so many things that have pushed me through when I wanted to quit, that have reminded me that I was loved when I felt so alone, and that inspired me to reach out to others and share my heart.

Sometimes all it really takes are a few kind words, a simple act of kindness…toss a tiny pebble of love and create a great ripple.

We hope you will join us in our Tossing Pebbles project.  As a BTG™ I truly believe in giving back and I also know from my own experience that nothing calms the soul like getting out of our own self-focus and doing something for someone else.

Order your set of hand made cards and share with the people that you meet.  Share them on a car window, leave them with the check at a restaurant, put them in the pocket of the airplane seat in front of you, or on the coffee table at the doctor’s office.  Where ever you spend your days, toss a pebble and leave a ripple of love.

Maybe just maybe your little words of truth will push someone forward, create love in a lonely heart or inspire change!

Join us in Tossing Pebbles across this great big world!

Also, find other cards that you can download and share with your friends on your favorite social media sites on our PINTERST PAGE HERE.


Do you want to join us in Tossing Pebbles all over the country but are looking for a card that brings a more personal touch?  

Order a *FREE set of hand made Tossing Pebbles cards.  Each is hand painted and decorated with love by BTG Owner, Ashley Mitchell.  

Each card measures roughly           and are made from blank PROJECT LIFE cards created by Becky Higgins.  They already have an inspirational thought printed right on the card, topped with our extra inspiration and hand crafted awesome they are bringing a smile to the face of anyone that receives one!  

*FREE-shipping charges apply.