Ashley Mitchell is sharing her truly inspiring story with the world!  Not only is she sharing her grief and loss, she is also sharing her amazing story of survival, faith, miracles, hope, finding her worth, healing and community.

Ashley has great fire, passion and MOXIE and she brings that to you LIVE!  She speaks with an unmatched vulnerable honesty and her powerful story will stir your soul and bring you to tears.

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Ashley is the woman to inspire and motivate your audience.  With her wide range of life experience she has the capability to speak to many different audiences on many different levels.  

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Are you hosting a Women Community Event?

Ashley Mitchell shares her incredible journey of becoming a self-proclaimed Big Tough Girl™.

You can read more to find out what makes Ashley tick.


Booking Ashley to speak for a Women Community Event could include but not limited to:

  • Sharing her incredible life story of surviving and thriving
  • Striping ALL titles as a woman except one:  Big Tough Girl™
  • Finding your Worth
  • Owning Your Story and Sharing Your Voice
  • The importance of Community among Women
  • Being a #WomanNow.  Living life as a Daily Woman.
  • The BTG FIVE


Featured TV Segments, Interviews, Speaking and Articles on becoming a Big Tough Girl™

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Are you hosting an Adoption Event?

Ashley Mitchell shares her incredible journey as a Birth Mother and how to live an inspired LIFE AFTER PLACEMENT.

You can read more to find out how her choices to place have inspired Birth Mom Education nation wide.

Booking Ashley to speak at your Adoption Event could include but not limited to:

  • Sharing her story of how Adoption came to be her only option when at a cross road
  • Grief, healing, and forward movement
  • Adoption Panelist
  • Navigating an Open Adoption
  • Education on all sides of the triad
  • Community and finding the right support group
  • Owning Your Story and Sharing Your Voice
  • Negative Stereotypes in Adoption and Standing Your Ground
  • Life After Placement.  Learning to Co-Exist with the new identity
  • Talking with professionals on HOW to love the birth mother well


Ashley and her Adoption journey has been shared on hundreds of blogs and websites all over the country.  She has been all over the speaking at events, hosting support groups and more.

She continues to inspire the nation with her passion and vulnerability.

See where she has been and what people are saying...

If you missed the Adoption Gathering at The Church of Eleven22 you missed quite possibly the most moving speaker I’ve ever heard on the topic of adoption. Ashley Mitchell you are amazing, an inspiration beyond words, a rare gem tossed about in this crazy sea of adoption.
— Staci Brown, Founder #OperationAdoption , Florida
We have had the pleasure of having Ashley speak at our conference the last two years. Our attendees love her and have been so blessed by her willingness to give them a glimpse into the other side of the adoption triad. She is a passionate advocate for adoption, but she shares gently and with such humility. She speaks from her heart, and isn’t afraid to let her raw emotions show to assist others in their process of healing. Not only has she been an amazing asset to our conference, she has helped me personally to work through some of my own feelings about our daughters’ adoptions. She is a colleague and now a close friend that I am honored to know.
— Emmy Blakely, Founder Choose Joy Event, California


Featured TV Segments, Interviews and Articles on Life After Placement 

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 Where Else can You Find Ashley Mitchell?

Ashley is very passionate in joining and helping community in any way that she can.  Be sure to check out all of her favorite places to share her journey and to volunteer her time.